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Customer Service
2002 Academy Lane, Suite 110
Dallas, Texas USA
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I recently purchased "Positively Kool" for WOLX. The jingles sound fantastic on the air. Chris Stevens was an absolute pleasure to work with and the production team was fantastic, too. Great job!!

~ Jeff Lynn, Program Director
105.1 The Buzz and Oldies 94.9 WOLX
Madison, WI




When we made the decision to use the term Genuwine on the air, we thought, "oh man, any custom jingle package we get is going to be just astronomically priced because of that weird pronunciation." But, because of Studio Dragonfly, we were able to get a custom jingle package that not only fit our budget, but it also was easy to do. They've got a package using the proper terminology for the station, and they had it in an almost immediately ready-to-use form. You just log on to the web site, you pick the package that best suits your station, follow the writing instructions, and the folks at Dragonfly do the rest! In addition to our full-mixouts we also got the a cappella sings the bed parts that we use for a lot of different things, and Z-107.5 is a very happy customer. We want you to listen to the following cuts and decide if Studio Dragonfly is right for you. We think you're going to be a happy customer too.

- Don Winston. Program Director
Genuwine Country Z-107.5
Rustin, Lousiana



Love the jingle, and am amazed at the download for commercial spots. Studio Dragonfly has thought of everything. It's super easy to use!

- Kimo Gray, Traffic Director
WWBA 1040 AM
Tampa Bay, FL



Listen to what ShopFM has to say
about Studio Dragonfly!

Even though we're an instore radio service, we have competition from not only other music services, but also from the local radio stations. We needed to sound hot. ... It wasn't hard to decide to explore the opportunities from Studio Dragonfly which gave us a chance to write the lyrics. The end result was just sensational. We certainly got more that we ever imagined. I'm very impressed with Studio Dragonfly and have no hesitation in recommending their services.

- Mike Ryan, CEO of Shop FM
South Melbourne, Australia



A raise of the pint, 3 cheers and a toast to Studio Dragonfly!!! The jingles sound absolutely incredible... You guys rock!!! I'm going to spread the word about your great work... This is very very good stuff!! Thank you... thank you... thank you... You've made me so happy!! A parade in your honor!!

~ Drew Thomas, "Official Beer Taster" & Program Director
MAJIC 105, Clear Channel, Lexington



Listen to what WGAD has to say
about Studio Dragonfly!

WGAD has been playing music ever since they came on the air back in the 1950 or so... We really had a reputation to uphold. We needed a totally new image on the air for our 50's, 60's and 70's oldies format, and we knew where to come... we knew to trust incredible jingle packages, low prices, what more could you want?! We love it, you'll love it!! gave us every conceivable mix-out, so many work parts. We have the best sounding jingle package and the best sounding station in northeast Alabama now. We owe it all to Studio Dragonfly!

- Chris Roth, WGAD Gadsden Gold 1350, Gadsden, AL



All I can say is WOW! I just got finished listening to the jingles they are much, much more than I bargained for. I don't think I will even sleep this weekend, there is so much to work with. Please pass along to all who worked on them my thanks for a first class job. Your company sure knows how to under promise and over deliver. Mark me down as a very happy customer!

~ Norm Scott, CEO
Mountain Empire Broadcasting, KJBQ-FM
Potrero, California




Listen to what WPFF has to say about Studio Dragonfly!

We needed an AC sound of jingles for this Christian contemporary station because we feel that being a Christian station is no reason not to have the greatest and hottest sound in the radio industry. We were aware that we had quite a task before us when we set out to look for just the right jingle package. We turned to Studio Dragonfly for three major reasons: price, quality of jingles and no re-license fees. You never pay an annual re-licensing fee and your jingle package is guaranteed exclusively in your market for 10 years. Jingle city man! I asked for 16 cuts and ended up with 65 cuts.

-David King, Operations Manager
WPFF, Surgeon Bay, Wisconsin



Listen to what Echo Country
has to say about us!

We wanted to compliment our new on-air image with a package of some jingles that actually sounds country and on a really tight budget. Sure there are a lot of jingle companies out there who offer low priced jingles, but we weren't willing to sacrifice quality for the sake of cost. Studio Dragonfly delivered! Just listen to the demos, select the jingle package you want, re-write the lyrics, and let Studio Dragonfly do the rest. The same great singers and musicians you hear on higher-priced packages, are now within the reach of every radio station, thanks to Studio Dragonfly.

~ Melanie Taylor
Echo Country, WBUL



Listen to what Pure Country has to say about Studio Dragonfly!

Let me tell you somethin', the Philly Country package that you did for us is kick ass!

~ Mike Elliot, Broadcast Operations
Pure Country 92.5 WBWI, West Bend, WI



Listen to what KVLD Oldies
has to say about us!

When we decided to switch one of our formats to Solid Gold, we needed a new jingle package that would have a big impact for an economical price. And Studio Dragonfly had just what we were looking for. We picked Dragonfly's Oldies 94.9 package because it could be easily adapted to our station moniker and frequency. Studio Dragonfly made it easy for us. The entire purchasing process was completed using only e-mail and fax. We highly recommend Dragonfly studios.

~ Will Cate, Operations Manager
River Valley Radio Group, Russellville, AR

Listen to what Music & Work
has to say about us!

One of the tasks I got was do as much as possible with as little as possible. So you can imagine full sung jingles, well I could only dream about them. And then one day came along Studio Dragonfly, and for me they really did turn the world upside down. Now we can have that international feel and the big guns sound. The guys at Studio Dragonfly did a real good job... so when we need more jingles Studio Dragonfly is our #1."

~ Herman, "In Charge"
Music & Work, Amsterdam, Netherlands



Listen to what Magic 101.7
has to say about us!

We love a big market sound and we got it with the help of Studio Dragonfly. All I did was go to the Studio Dragonfly website, clicked on 'Hot AC/CHR', listened to jingles for a few hours, narrowed it down to the package I really liked. You know, I think our jingles sound better than the demo. Alright so you listen to the jingles a few times, then you write your own lyrics. It's really easy. You can't beat the price, and listen I ordered 10 cuts and got 33! We love the jingles, love the price, love the terms and we'll be back in a year…guaranteed."

~ Dana Potter, Operations Manager
Magic 101.7, Binghamptom, NY



Listen to what Stourbridge FM
has to say about us!

One question I always ask myself is 'how can I make my radio station sound as big as all the other guys but watch the budget?' You know we've all been there haven't we, so we don't get the accountants sweating basically. Now you're probably wondering…what do you get for your dollars, pounds and euros? Well just like any other jingle package you might order, you get the main cuts. No problem at all there. Plus Studio Dragonfly will give you the mix outs of the cuts so you can use them as walk-ups, stand alone ID's or you can use your station voice over talk. You also get the acapellas which you can again use as a stand alone ID or mix out in the production room.

Just like any jingle package you get it all with Studio Dragonfly. Have a listen to the demos, e-mail the guys at Dragonfly, and see if the package you want is available. And if it's there then great, go for it! Okay, there's a bit of work involved on your behalf with writing the lyrics, etc., but you'll be thrilled with the end results. We are absolutely delighted with our jingles. So from Stourbridge FM thanks to everyone at Studio Dragonfly, keep up the good work and we'll definitely order more Studio Dragonfly jingles in the future.

~ Paul Tieg, Project Coordinator
Stourbridge FM, England



Listen to what The Party Planet
has to say about us!

I went on the web. A click here, a click there, you know how it is. And there it was! The answer to my staleness dilemma...Studio Dragonfly at rates that even the small guys can afford. I called the friendly staff up immediately. They were fantastic! They walked me through the entire process without a hitch. From the first call to the day that I received that package I was totally and completely satisfied with my experience with Studio Dragonfly. What's amazing is what was once unattainable money wise, is now within the reach of any budget. Studio Dragonfly hit the nail on the head and man the Party Planet sounds like the ultimate music machine. Thank you Studio Dragonfly! These jingles were just what we needed to freshen up the station. Isn't it your turn?"

~John Stevens, Program Director
The Party Planet



Listen to what HWD Hospital Radio
has to say about us!

I think we must be the smallest station that Studio Dragonfly has done work for. Like everywhere else in the world nowadays our budgets are tight and so it was a real challenge to find good jingles without spending a fortune. We knew Studio Dragonfly would be up to the task. We were delighted with the results. In fact it fit so well, it sounds like the cuts were written for us! So why don't you let Studio Dragonfly do your next jingle package. The people are friendly, the service is great, and most importantly the results stand out on the air. Just log on to the website, select your format, listen to the demos, write your lyrics and then sit back and relax while Studio Dragonfly goes to work. I know you'll be delighted with the results. Go on, give it a try!"

~ Stuart Barrett, Vice Chairman
HWD Radio, Doosbury, England


Note: Jingles ordered via Studio Dragonfly at the posted rates take up to eight weeks for delivery (after receipt of signed agreement and payment). Faster delivery is available for an additional charge. Contact Studio Dragonfly Customer Service at 972.406.6839 for details.


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